Sunday, 1 March 2009


.... this has taken a lot of effort and perseverence, but I have finally finished casting off!

This is my Laminaria, which I started 7 weeks ago when I was trying desperatly to fill the time waiting for Owen to appear. To begin with it all went really quickly, and by the time I was out of hospital I had done all the first chart, and was on with the blossom chart. I decided to chuck in a couple of extra repeats of that. In retrospect I might not have done that, seeing how long it has taken me to do the border. By the end it was at least 30 minutes a row, and I could only really do it when someone else was here incase Owen woke up in the middle of something complicated. And the cast off was looooooong.
But it's a lovely pattern, the yarn (Posh Yarn Eva Laceweight) is fantastic and I really really want to wear it. Plus I feel pleased that having a baby hasn't totally interrupted my ability to knit complicated lacy things. That said, my next project is going to be in thicker yarn and considerably smaller and easier to see progress.
It'll be blocked this evening, and ready for wearing next week.